The promise of big data (plus deep data)

Dr. Tim Fisher, previously at the Department of Sociology at Wilfrid Laurier University


Quantitative Ethnography

David Williamson Shaffer


A 'deep data' ethnographer investigates big data

Jenna Burrell, associate professor UC Berkeley School of Information


Why do we conduct qualitative research?

Bill Selman, Mozilla


Data Science for All

IBM event with ethnographer Tricia Wang


All Researchers are Mixed-Methodological Researchers: A Provocation

Dr. Stuart Geiger, UC Berkeley School of Information


The rapprochement, or not, between big data and deep data

David Hakken, professor of informatics, Indiana University


The person in the big data

Dr. Heather Ford, fellow in digital methods at the University of Leeds


An Engineering Anthropologist: Why tech companies need to hire software developers with ethnographic skills

Astrid Countee


Anthropology as big data: Ethnography as a critical dimension in media and technology studies

Mary Gray, senior researcher at Microsoft Research


Big data or big ethnographic data? Positioning big data in the ethnographic space

Dr. John Curran, business anthropologist


Big Data needs the archaeological support of ethnography

Dr. Allen Abramson, University College London