Business, academia, the public and third sectors have long brought qualitative and quantitative ways of understanding the world to bear, often in combination, when solving problems.  


We have now entered the era of big data, which features new sources, volumes and ways of working with quantitative data. This means it is time to reappraise the relationship between quantitative and qualitative approaches to understanding the world, the latter being generative of 'deep' data (aka thick data or small data).


Members of the Triangul8 Forum are interested in this relationship and how they might make big and deep data approaches work together to have the greatest impact. We explore this theme through events and an online resource. 


Forum participants include:

  • Data scientists and analysts
  • UX practitioners
  • Ethnographers
  • Business strategists
  • Designers
  • Innovation professionals
  • Market researchers
  • Social scientists
  • Humanities trained researchers
  • Commercial anthropologists
  • Behavioural scientists


The Triangul8 Forum is an unincorporated association led by a group of advocates for big and deep data integration. Its activities are supported by the voluntary input of individuals and organisations on our team page.


Big Data

Derived from digital traces of human behaviour at scale and analysed with computational assistance.

Deep Data

Derived from qualitative, for example ethnographic, ways of understanding human behaviour.